Tree Removal: 4 Signs That You Might Need To Get It Done

Getting trees removed

We should all be thankful for trees. Without trees, life would not be the same. Moreover, the trees are just wonderful. Trees give us the oxygen that we need to breathe in order to even stay alive. What is more is that in the process, they take back all the extra carbon dioxide that we humans have put in our atmosphere and return it back to the earth. This is very important, as carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which contributes significantly to global warming. Trees also give us food, wood, and shade from the scorching summer sun. But, sometimes, you might just need to get a tree removed because it is rotting and dying or otherwise posing a threat to your life or property. And, while it can be sad, it can also be equally necessary.

Signs that you might need to get a tree removed

So, why might you want to get a tree removed? There can be many reasons for it. The tree could be damaged, diseased, sick or infested. Here are a few tell-tale signs that you can keep a lookout for that will help you figure out whether you might be needing a tree service Gainesville sooner or not:

Sign 1: Cracked tree barks and/or cankers

Keep an eye out for any cracks in the tree bark. Take note if you find 2 or more cracks in the same spot. Inspect the tree trunk thoroughly for this. Look for cankers, too. Cankers are sunken spots on the tree trunk. These signs indicate either a diseased or a dying tree.

Sign 2: Fungus and decay

Check the ground on which your tree is growing. Do you see any fungal growth around the base of your tree? Any mushrooms, perhaps? Fungal infestation can be a sign of internal decay in a tree. If you are lucky, you might be able to get the infection cured by just using some antifungal agents. Otherwise, you might have to get the entire tree removed to prevent the fungus from spreading elsewhere, too.

Sign 3: Pests and infestations

Trees are natural homes to many animals. As such, you might need to check your trees for any unwanted animals that might have made them their home. Animals like snakes that are poisonous or venomous can be a serious problem for you. And, in some cases, it might be quite difficult to get rid of these pests. In such cases, your only option might be to just get the entire tree or trees removed.

Sign 4: Invasive tree growth

If a tree that you love is growing into your house – it might be time to get it removed. For example, if a tree grows into blocking any or all sunlight from reaching in through your windows – you might not like it. And, if that tree is also preventing the flow of fresh air through your house – you will almost certainly not like it now.