Bee Protective - Trees and Nature

These powerful pollinators ​plays a special role in our environment. But you don’t need the skills of beekeeping to lure them into your landscapes.

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Beekeeping and Symbiosis

An experienced beekeeper will tell you quickly, the word bee lord is a misnomer. We do not put the bees in the cage or in the gallows. We have no control over their welfare; We only influence it in anticipation of some rewards like honey and pollination. This symbolic relationship can be incomplete and at times challenging.

At Hive & Garden, our passion is to help you navigate through beekeeping challenges and decisions, such as the type of beekeeping, the species of bees and the colony management system. All of these decisions represent a trade-off in bee management. Our mission is to understand these trade-offs and choose the type of beekeeping that you think is right for you.

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